It feels great to be appreciated

I had a patient whose sister was very anxious about him. They seemed to be in their 60s and I felt some sibling love in the air even though it felt as if the sister was scolding her brother. I could sense love (perhaps not everyone knows how to express love to one another, especially when it comes to family members right?)

As always, we have to obtain feedback from our clients and I had to inform them that it would be great if they could share with us on how we can improve our services. She quickly asked for my name as initially I told her it was Ez (many people think it’s Easy) but then again not everyone can pronounce my name correctly at their first try, unless they have read the Bible or know of someone who holds the same name (rare, but yes there are quite a number of Ezekiels here on earth).

She asked if I was a nurse and she said to me, thank you, you make a great nurse.

I wouldn’t deny that I was elated at her kind comment. I guess she was also very happy that her brother required no further intervention which was a good thing. Sadly, it is quite hard to pay a compliment these days. It’s like you have to stab yourself just to pay a compliment. As if we don’t appreciate ourselves enough that a compliment seems rather out of line, but yes, we all do require some form of appreciation one way or another. Words do help in many ways to brighten up one’s day. Mrs Lo did that for me.

Thank you for your kind compliment.

God bless you.

PS: Names have been changed to protect and conceal the real identity of patient and relatives. Patient confidentiality must be kept at all times.