Day 22

Yes. I still carry on despite 2 weeks of holiday and slipping up.  And yes the goal still stands, 70kg at the end of 6 months. 

This morning a short, simple walk for 30mins. Gonna stay away from fried foods, gassy drinks and processed food as much as possible.  

Ps: I believe I’m back to 95kg again… I guess my issue is to be consistent.  I just can’t for some reason. 

Tips anyone?

Would definitely appreciate prayers as well. 

God bless!


Off the radar for 1 week, now I’m back.

I was on vacation in Seoul, Korea for 1 week and have not been updating but the challenge still goes on. Even though I ate almost everything, I also walked and carried the stroller a lot. Korea was fun and interesting. Lots of staircases, not that many elevators.

After coming back, I immediately weighed myself. I did gain 2 kg during this time. So I glad I didn’t gain more than 3kg. So I’m back to 94kg. Will be resuming exercise, eating right and sleeping early tomorrow onwards.

Day 7

Even though I’m not in town, my exercise does not stop at all. Carrying luggages, a stroller and 2 big bags are considered weight lifting and not lifting it was. 

Food wise is a lil outta control coz of the local flavours but hey gotta get back soon and work it out till my goal weight! 

Honeymoons are fun with my wife.  With the addition of our lil prince, it spices up life in a whole new level. Trust me, my boy is active and I’m glad he is. Until we both tire out haha… 

Huge shout out to my love, my life, my beautiful wife who is really strong both in her mind and her heart. She can do so much more than even I cannot. God bless her so much it overflows. I pray I can bless her too during this short honeymoon. Muakz!

Day 6

Cheat day haha. Something I was looking forward to. Had some fried food for lunch.  I figured my body needed some rest and therefore didn’t go for my morning exercise.  Instead, I rested a bit more. 

Good news is that my wife said I look slimmer! What an awesome comment coming from the love of my life! 

Even better news! I started this challenge with 95kg. Today I weighed myself and it was *drumroll*


Yes I lost 3kg within these 5 days of staying away from fried food and daily morning exercises (not even running. It’s was just light jogging and brisk walking)

I’m excited to see what lies ahead! 

Aren’t you?

Day 5

Funny how it’s the end of the working week and Friday is always the hardest to get outta bed… but I did so pay myself on the back! 

I took the advice of a runner friend to speed walk first and not jog and true enough, feet are fine with almost no pain. 

Strange thing is Strava picked up the mileage better than my previous days haha! Oh well!

Day 4

The pain oh the pain on my archiles tendons really hurt. Need to stretch…. being heavy is really not fun at all. Can’t find clothes that have your size. Boo…. 

So I tried out 2 other apps today and I think it’s something wrong with me coz I’m very sure I jogged at least 4 rounds around the track.  Each round should be about 400m should that not add up to about 1.6km? Or I’m wrong in calculating here. Or is it the GPS that’s not picking up coz there are a lotta trees here.  I really dunno.  Or is it because I brisk walk in between ? 

What do you all think?


Map my run:

Day 3

Waking up was alright. In fact, I woke up just a little before the alarm went off. This morning, I started to feel the pain on my feet. Archiles tendonitis is what it’s called I guess. Had to jog slower with the pain there.  

Something I find weird. I know I jogged faster than yesterday despite the pain. This picture tells me that each round I make across this path is about 400m. Looking at what strava gave me seemed wrong don’t you think? 

Perhaps it’s time to try another app