Day 3

Ah the day yet passes once more and here I am. The night shift was good. No patient to care for mean I can spend more time in helping my other friends with their patients.

Sadly my eyes did not open until 6pm. A good 5-6 hours of rest.

And because of that, I did not open my book today.

I am glad my friend and his wife have been promoted. They truly deserve it because of their hardwork and contribution to the work force.

Of coz I feel the slightest bitterness.but this serves as a spur to push myself to greater heights. If he can, so can I. Indeed.

Day 2

The hours pass swiftly as if time never cared about anyone. It really does not. It’s day 2 and my old habits take the best of me. I’ll admit, I’m a YouTube fan. The fact that people from all walks of life are free to post their videos be it songs or crap that makes me laugh. So I’ll lie on my bed and watch videos and if I like them, id watch over and over. No I don’t get bored of them because to me they are good videos. David choi, film riot, freddiew and glee to name a few. Glee has done a great job with all that singing and dancing. No joke about it. So hours will pass as I click the clock away.

I watched Spartacus just 2 days ago and I loved it. The way they speak, the way they fight. Tells me one thing. Even the strongest man will fall when it comes to love. So Love conquers all. No doubt about that.

I’ll admit here right now, I’m not a book lover, I’m a visualist. I prefer pictures over words hands down. Thats why I love photography. The way my eyes see it, is how I tell my story. So to pick up a book to read is never an easy task for me. But I’m trying, I really am. Forcing myself to go to the library because at home, I’ll sleep and laze infront of my lap top.

A need to improve myself and step up is there. I just need the discipline to reach my goal.

I pray it falls into place.

As I type in the bus, I’m making my way to the library.

Blessed day who ever lays eyes on my blog