Day 3 in school, the tutorial

A full day, I thought to myself. It has been a long time since I last sat in a classroom for discussions. Today would be the first after so many hours. Would I stay awake? Would I feel tired? I pondered as I dragged my heavy lower limbs toward the bus stop. Reading through the notes and looking if I still don’t understand anything about the past two days. There has been a lot of info being thrown to me and honestly all I need to do, is to just link them together and apply it to my work. Yes, I know it sounds easier to use mere words rather than actions. But I won’t give up. It is something I must put double effort to make the grade. It’s time to score well for once in my life. I’ll just need to put away all my distractions. Now how hard can that be? Locking away my computer, together with my xbox360 hmm or cutting off the Internet service forcing myself to hit the books, I’d usually just head to the library because over there, I have not much of a choice. The only fear there is to snooze lol. Yes fat people get tired easy and I’ll say it here and now, I’m not slim. Hmm I even stopped my ‘diet’ plan. Hmm what should I do next? I do need motivation and advice. I need my own fridge because the current one is like hell freezing over. Anything in there will freeze. I’m giving away my oven which means I can’t bake. Hmm but it’s okay, I’m guessing she needs it more than I do. Gosh so much to say and I have not even started on my second paragraph. I shall now.

Today Lorraine recapped the last two days of lessons. I understand it better now. But I’ll need to put them pieces together in my own understanding before having it applied to anything else. We broke into groups and sat to discuss bout intuition, scientific research, tradition and autonomy and IND. I met 4 different people from different settings. One from eye clinic, one from urology, one from rehab and the last is a case mix manager. Hmm all have different point of views. Interesting indeed.

After lunch, we had to sit in groups to discuss our 2part of our paper. It was very sudden I had to decide if I should join my friend or a new group. And because she didn’t reply me, I joined a new group. Later on my friend replied me upset that I joined another group when I should have joined hers. Haiz, hard to please humans.

Oh well what’s done is done. We had to write a proposal on a problem and what type of research we were to do. Of all, we boiled down to a relationship between hand hygiene and hospital acquired infections. It’s a common topic but there are a lot of journals out there. Lorraine and Fran were okay with it.

Since I had nothing to do, I decided to sit down at Hanis and look for more journals. Managed to find a few but I fear they might not be the ones we’d want. Would have to look through them later tonight.

Did a little shopping at daiso and walked around a bit to chill. Looking at the things I can buy with my bonus lol but I know i can’t. Because all the money will go into my studies. Yes I’m self sponsored. I’m independent lol. I don’t rely on others or depend on others to fund me.

Oh well, I don’t know now if I should go to aust. Mixed feelings… Maybe go there for two years then return back here. I don’t know. What do you think Widya?


4 thoughts on “Day 3 in school, the tutorial”

  1. I’m envious you’re back in school. Keep your options open and take one step at a time. Australia’s demand for nursing will always be there. Stay focussed and positive. Know and believe you can do anything! You damn well CAN.

    1. Hey Widya, thanks for your confidence in me. I would need your opinions and help when it comes to all this. Having an Advance diploma still counts πŸ™‚ can’t wait for the 2 years to end. My only worry is that by the time I go over, there might be more restrictions and more rules you know that kinda stuff.

      1. I think as long as you have no criminal record, current clinical experience, recognized qualifications, current practicing certificate, and can speak English, you can get in … They will always change the requirements but hopefully not so much that it restricts you … Hope you do well πŸ™‚

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