The last day (of the first week)

Ah, not really much of the blink of an eye but you get what I mean when I mention this won’t you? It has been a week already since school started and already there are 2 assignments due in October and November. I’ll assume that this is very much common when it comes to higher education? Correct me if I’m wrong.

I am however curious, are people rushing to get a degree? Other than the fact that you hold a qualification paper, what impact would it hold on an individual?

Indeed, one would carry the experience and knowledge gained from the studies. It is then a choice of that individual, to apply it and make full use of it, or what we always call it ‘return to the lecturer’ what has been learnt. I ponder over such thoughts.

In my line of work, there are a lot of fellow staff who have already obtained a degree from the numerous schools that provide it locally, but I’m curious once again of those that have obtained it, how many really put that into practice? How many people would consider doing a research to challenge current practices or help improve the current practices because at the end of the day, we want what’s best for our clients, and of cause, the best practice available don’t we? Just place yourselves into your client’s shoes and you would say the same thing.

No doubt, my current modules cover only research and law and ethics, how then can I apply what I picked up from these modules to aid my standard of practice or pool of knowledge to bring a better tomorrow for those I care for?

Deep thoughts I have, contribute to the grey/ white hair that grows on the crown of my head. Indeed, there are worries that pop into my head and I know I should not worry because nothing is impossible when it comes to God right?

Hard to apply dear readers. Really. I worry about the safety of my family members and their possible cause of action that might affect their future. I worry about my siblings, all 4 of them. Really hoping that we can gel well even when our folks pass on.

You might not have the same worries like I do, but I’m sure you care about your loved ones, and they are constantly on your minds.

Being human is not easy after all.

Not that I can choose to be something else can I?

If I was to say that I’m an angel, I’m sure you’d laugh and my statement and call me silly.

But then again, what I think of myself is just me right? Gladly accept me for who I am dear readers, and do not be quick to judge.

Ponder ponder…


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