Confusion and distractions.

As human as i can be, i can honestly and being frank (no that’s not my name), I dare admit that i am very easily distracted. It goes back to what I should do and what I’d wanna do. Here’s how it goes.


I should be studying since i started school. Topics mainly Research and Law and Ethics.


I want to learn to DJ, i want to learn the violin, the Er hu, i wanna improve my keyboard playing, i wanna pick up my guitar, i wanna sing…

So i stick my face into youtube, watching videos of how wonderful people are, and how shitty i am here stuck. Doing nothing but watching others reach their dreams while i stone and watch their videos in awe.

Thing is i know, it’s only 2 years. and bham! i’d have a degree in Nursing! It’s something i look very much forward to. But the question is should i stop there? or should i try and obtain my Advance diploma in Critical care as well? See there are 2 ways to obtaining this. One, being via my organization and of course the other is on my own. There is much to decide on and think about.

My dream of going to Australia still hangs on a thread. I admit, I’d definitely want to see what the other side of the world is like. After all, comparing USA, Canada, London and Australia, the nearest to Singapore is Australia. My folks are aging and someone needs to take care of them.

Pushing away all my other wants as mentioned above, i decided to stick to the same ol Ez that i am, not throwing my cash at anything that pops in front of my face but to save it all for a better tomorrow.

All these wants can be obtained later in life.

The saying goes: Would you suffer 20years of your life and enjoy the rest of them, or enjoy the 20 years of your life and suffer the rest?

You decide.


PS: i started on Zuzuna’s 4 minute workout, damn it was tiring! can u believe it? 4 minutes only and i’m almost dying. For those who don’t know what i’m blabbering about, check out on the web or in youtube.

God bless.


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