Happy Nurses Day!

Today marks the day people from all over the world celebrate Nurses Day.

I’m glad there is such a day dedicated for us nurses. But to me, we should not be praised only 1 day of the year.

Day in and out my friends and I would be so glad to make you feel more comfortable.

It has been like this since the day i decided to become a nurse. No doubt, we all have bad days, and many a times, i’d wish i could just drop it all and leave the profession altogether.

Ever since i stepped into my current organization, I’ve had role models. These wonderful nurses to me are very much dear angels sent from God. That is my belief and till this day, I am so honored to have worked alongside them. Starting with the Nursing officer who dared to challenge us. Asking us questions that made us think, that made us look, that made us curious. Every time she drops by my ward for clinical attachment, she’d drop a bomb on us. “Student come, let me ask you some questions.” Usually, i’d shudder at that, but when it came to her, she never raised her voice, never got angry never put us down. Instead, she asked, we could not answer, she said it was okay, find out today and let me know tomorrow. I never felt happier to find out what ever she asked because she dared to challenge me. It felt good to know the answer too. In the end, i learnt something new. This style of teaching and learning is not any tom, dick or harry can adopt. This is the challenge style of learning, not hostile yet accepting. She was my first role model.

My second role model is someone who is a dear friend to me. She also inspires me by remembering all the names of the student nurses to the staff working in the hospital. Try to imagine, if a hospital has about 1000 working nurses, she probably know all the names. there is not one single nurse i know that she forgot the name. she is also a great motivator. Encouraging me when i,m down and out. Without her, i really wont know where id be today.

Sadly she thought id leave nursing early. but till this day, im still hanging on.

Oh my, i have side tracked a lot. allow me to head back to the start.

This day, i would like to thank all the wonderful nurses who shared their knowledge with me, teaching and guiding me with patient hearts and kind understanding. There are some who are fierce and some who are soft hearted. But i wanna thank you all. because if not for you, i wont be where i am today.

So be blessed dear nurses from all over the world! On behalf of all those who share the same sentiments, may God bless you so much that it becomes overwhelming. God will shine in you and use you to help others in need.

Be proud and stand tall because in my line, you will never stand alone. You are my family and i will do my best to aid you, help you, push you and fight the storms together.

This is what a dear nurse said to me what she taught of me.

“You are a good person to talk to, you are concerned about patients, and you have very good interpersonal skills, you are a caring nurse and a good colleague.”

God bless her for her kind words. She is not a local but yet i respect her for her kindness, open mindedness and wit. She helps without asking and never uses No as an answer. Indeed a rare gem, a wonderful friend.

Widya is another great friend, of whom i regard as a dear sister. She is no doubt a great person to chat with and also one who knows her stuff. Always lending a listening ear, she never fails to impress me with her wit, knowledge and what’s more she is now in the place where i aim to go in about 2-3 years time. I look forward to learning more from her, thanks so much dear Wids for being there for me despite your hectic schedule and family life. God bless you dearly!


2 thoughts on “Happy Nurses Day!”

  1. EZ, you’re too kind. Paiseh!! Sometimes we almost get lost in translation with our online chats but i guess we get on ok 🙂 There’s heaps of potential within everyone who is willing to embrace new knowledge and friendship … I’m sure you will be someone’s inspiring role model some day, if not already. Happy Nurses Day to you too, my friend…

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