Did God speak to me?

Recently, just about 2 days ago, I was asked to watch this video on YouTube. It was about a young girl who had died for 23 hours. During this time, God brought her to hell and then to heaven. Perhaps I could say that He wanted her to be His messenger? Hmm. What she said really woke me up.

It is a fact that I am born into a Christian family. It is also true that I have accepted Christ into my life and that God sent His son to die for me. But to be honest, I have very much fallen short of His glory. Fallen further indeed I have gone into the wilderness and have lost my way. I have no one to blame but myself because I chose that path. No doubt the human flesh is sinful, but the human mind has fallen into temptation as well, I constantly seek forgiveness because I feel guilty.

It is a constant struggle because the devil knows my weakness and he intentionally disturbs me there. Making me feel guilty and therefore staying away from God.

But this time, I felt it was a wake up call from Him. Indeed time is running out and yes I really look forward to His second coming. I felt a tug to go back to Him and yes I decided to go back to His word, the Bible. I decided to filter out all other things and focus only on His word and anything that praises Him and Him alone.

I felt it was time to get back to reading His word, the Bible. In that instant, I felt a thought go through my mind. Telling myself how boring the Bible was and how hard it was to read and understand, I then knew that the devil was trying to pull me away. I refused. And so I made my way toward the only bookshop that I knew had good resources, Techman.

As I entered the doors, I heard Christian music and saw loads of books! I realized that they have changed their layout a little. They now have a little sale corner. I saw some books which were on sale and even
Bibles on sale as well. Again another thought entered my mind, so many books, which one to get? Why not just forget it. I spent a good 2 hours plus just looking around for a book or something that I felt would speak to me. There were so many topics to choose from, from Christian living to family to self help and such. Books from famous authors from CS Lewis to John piper to Joyce Meyer to Joel osteen and more.

After close to 3 hours, I stopped to ask myself, what would I want to improve in my walk with Him? Then the Bible came to mind. I agreed, it is indeed His word but something I had been pushing away all the time. I found this book named Living by the book, by Howard Hendricks. As I browsed through it’s content, I felt that it was quite easy for me to grasp of which one page stood out, how to choose a Bible for studying His word. That had to be it.

Reading this book so far has indeed opened my eyes to His word, there are many people who have commented that this book would make you think and look deeper into His word. Teaching you how to read the Bible and how to take a step further into better understanding of what He means in each verse in each of the 66 books.

Okay, I must thank you kind reader who has read all the way till now, because my heading story only begins now lol.

Last night when I was on my way home, I managed to get a seat and I had already taken out this book from my bag to read when I was standing up. Suddenly, a lady beside me asked me what I was reading. As I showed her the cover, she smiled and said that it was good to be reading His word. She said that it was like a good feeling to know that I chose to learn more about Him as compared to a person who chose to play his game or iPhone. Later, I wondered if it was God who spoke to me through her. It takes courage to speak to a stranger. Try it, I know how hard it was.

Once in church, I felt a tugging to pray for a guy in front of me. It really felt so strong that I could not let it go. As service was about to end, I tapped him on the shoulder and asked if I could pray for him. For all who know me, would know that this is not my normal practice. I don’t go around tapping shoulders asking or telling people that I felt a need to pray for him or her. But that one was a strong one. I just could not let it pass. I believe he was shocked as well. I’m not a prayer warrior of any sort and my prayers are very simple and straight to the point. But it happened, I prayed and I guess God blessed him.

So did God really speak to me? I would assume so. Perhaps another sign from Him would affirm that He did? Now I see things in a different light. Hoping I can do my utmost to glorify Him and praying that He open doors for me to further grow His kingdom.

Peace and God bless. shalom.


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