Catching up with my L4D2 buddies

The last time I met them, I was terribly upset and disappointed. Firstly, my computer had given me problems. 10-15minutes and I have yet to enter the game. Where as my 2 brothers have already gone in. So I had to change computers. Later on, I felt left behind by them. I didn’t enjoy the game.

This time, I met them both on separate occasions. J met me during one of my off days and we went for a ‘killing spree’ 2 times that day. It felt much better because we had to rely on each other, and the AIs were good generally but at the end of the day, you’d prefer a friend who is looking after your back. I’d want that, without a doubt.

Playing with V was quite last minute because he has to study and work at the same time and indeed it is no easy peasy task. Thank God for him, school
Is about to end and he can focus on his work. Playing with V, felt different. We had quite a few down moments but we could talk and get by each and every horde at the end of the day. Other than that one moment at the airport where hordes would come non stop. He survived that, I didn’t.

Both have different styles of playing. J would be more gung Ho and melee his way through. V would wait with you and seek permission before going through. I appreciate both playing styles because I am a bit of both of them myself. I love to chiong and slice my way through. On the other hand, I
Love the team work displayed when we become ‘untouchable’.

Perhaps we played different difficulty levels as well. But at the end of it all, I dare say I enjoyed the spree with both of them very much so.

Now all I need, is one more buddy to make it all 4 of us. Guess I’ll have to wait.


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