Self updates

This week has been a long long one and yes I know it’s not the weekend yet but hey, nurses schedules are pretty much hay wired and we work so much that we don’t even know it’s the weekend already.

I’m pulling my hair already because I failed to do what I set out to do in the beginning. Study.

All that procrastination bout yadafadabananajinglehoodlumdoodledobut still I only managed to write notes about the first chapter and still have a hard time understanding it. Gosh I’m not smart or am I just purely lazy. Perhaps both. I can only blame myself for not being disciplined enough to get things done, putting them into perspective. I have dunked my head into law and ethics so much so that research has been neglected. There is a test in September and I totally forgot about it. See!!! Damn! I must work it out!

If you have any tips, feel free to let me know. I understand mind mapping would help. But wordy stuff like law and such can we really draw pictures? Experienced people please share your studying methods.

I realiZe that I study better at night. Or that I’m more awake at night. But all I have is my bed. I don’t have a study table or anything else. In the end, I fall asleep halfway into my studies. This has to change! I cannot be that lazy asshole anymore !!

Apart from that, I just got my new toy, a hybrid. Took it for a ride yesterday evening and it felt nice. I guess apart from cycling, I need to study too! No more Internet at home!

Gosh as I’m typing away in the mrt, there is this guy banging his head against the window of the train. Scolding vulgarities and talking to I dunno who. Perhaps he might end up in stomp? I duno, it’s not my business and I shall not butt in.

So please help me! I really need all the help I can get.

God bless.


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