Life goes on? How would you react?

Some news has changed life the way it once was and the way it will be.

Firstly, my sister’s bf left her due to distance. He works in Japan, she studies in Adelaide. Sad thou, he was a nice chap, younger thou but yet great to sit and chill with. But life goes on and I know God has greater plans for my sister. She will be kept in my prayers.

Mum was diagnosed with arthritis. Sad but true. The woman who cared for me and yet she refused to take care of herself, eating junk food, not remembering to consume her medications and simply not exercising. Her tummy got bigger and her bones had gotten brittle. She beats the mule hands down because no matter what we tell her, she would not choose to listen. Choices indeed make you who you are. She has diabetes, hypertension and now arthritis to add to the list. She started to limp a little a few weeks ago and her right knee became quite swollen. I applied RICE therapy on her but she chose TCM over what I did. The swelling eventually subsided but the pain didn’t. She claims that she had fallen on her right knee often and so this was the result of all that constant bumping.

All I can really do is to tell her what to eat and encourage her to exercise. The rest really is up to her because she may control her diet well when im around, but I can’t be there 24hrs a day to ensure she consumes proper food and take her medications.

Unlike her, dad knows how to eat better. Thou he has strayed a little, otter than that, he knows how to control his diet and such, like mum, he has the similar medical history except that he did undergo a triple bypass a few years ago. Somehow, only I knew that he be okay. The rest were quite frantic and all. Perhaps I have come across quite a number of similar cases that I know? Perhaps.

The truth remains that seeing your loved one pass on hurts the human heart and emotions take over. Looking at the families and relatives in my current setting forces me to ponder what would happen to my family if and when such situations arise. How would we react and how would we take it?

I can only pray and ask God to be kind and forgiving.

Hope everyone else is okay.

God bless.


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