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Self updates

This week has been a long long one and yes I know it’s not the weekend yet but hey, nurses schedules are pretty much hay wired and we work so much that we don’t even know it’s the weekend already.

I’m pulling my hair already because I failed to do what I set out to do in the beginning. Study.

All that procrastination bout yadafadabananajinglehoodlumdoodledobut still I only managed to write notes about the first chapter and still have a hard time understanding it. Gosh I’m not smart or am I just purely lazy. Perhaps both. I can only blame myself for not being disciplined enough to get things done, putting them into perspective. I have dunked my head into law and ethics so much so that research has been neglected. There is a test in September and I totally forgot about it. See!!! Damn! I must work it out!

If you have any tips, feel free to let me know. I understand mind mapping would help. But wordy stuff like law and such can we really draw pictures? Experienced people please share your studying methods.

I realiZe that I study better at night. Or that I’m more awake at night. But all I have is my bed. I don’t have a study table or anything else. In the end, I fall asleep halfway into my studies. This has to change! I cannot be that lazy asshole anymore !!

Apart from that, I just got my new toy, a hybrid. Took it for a ride yesterday evening and it felt nice. I guess apart from cycling, I need to study too! No more Internet at home!

Gosh as I’m typing away in the mrt, there is this guy banging his head against the window of the train. Scolding vulgarities and talking to I dunno who. Perhaps he might end up in stomp? I duno, it’s not my business and I shall not butt in.

So please help me! I really need all the help I can get.

God bless.

The last day (of the first week)

Ah, not really much of the blink of an eye but you get what I mean when I mention this won’t you? It has been a week already since school started and already there are 2 assignments due in October and November. I’ll assume that this is very much common when it comes to higher education? Correct me if I’m wrong.

I am however curious, are people rushing to get a degree? Other than the fact that you hold a qualification paper, what impact would it hold on an individual?

Indeed, one would carry the experience and knowledge gained from the studies. It is then a choice of that individual, to apply it and make full use of it, or what we always call it ‘return to the lecturer’ what has been learnt. I ponder over such thoughts.

In my line of work, there are a lot of fellow staff who have already obtained a degree from the numerous schools that provide it locally, but I’m curious once again of those that have obtained it, how many really put that into practice? How many people would consider doing a research to challenge current practices or help improve the current practices because at the end of the day, we want what’s best for our clients, and of cause, the best practice available don’t we? Just place yourselves into your client’s shoes and you would say the same thing.

No doubt, my current modules cover only research and law and ethics, how then can I apply what I picked up from these modules to aid my standard of practice or pool of knowledge to bring a better tomorrow for those I care for?

Deep thoughts I have, contribute to the grey/ white hair that grows on the crown of my head. Indeed, there are worries that pop into my head and I know I should not worry because nothing is impossible when it comes to God right?

Hard to apply dear readers. Really. I worry about the safety of my family members and their possible cause of action that might affect their future. I worry about my siblings, all 4 of them. Really hoping that we can gel well even when our folks pass on.

You might not have the same worries like I do, but I’m sure you care about your loved ones, and they are constantly on your minds.

Being human is not easy after all.

Not that I can choose to be something else can I?

If I was to say that I’m an angel, I’m sure you’d laugh and my statement and call me silly.

But then again, what I think of myself is just me right? Gladly accept me for who I am dear readers, and do not be quick to judge.

Ponder ponder…

Day 3 in school, the tutorial

A full day, I thought to myself. It has been a long time since I last sat in a classroom for discussions. Today would be the first after so many hours. Would I stay awake? Would I feel tired? I pondered as I dragged my heavy lower limbs toward the bus stop. Reading through the notes and looking if I still don’t understand anything about the past two days. There has been a lot of info being thrown to me and honestly all I need to do, is to just link them together and apply it to my work. Yes, I know it sounds easier to use mere words rather than actions. But I won’t give up. It is something I must put double effort to make the grade. It’s time to score well for once in my life. I’ll just need to put away all my distractions. Now how hard can that be? Locking away my computer, together with my xbox360 hmm or cutting off the Internet service forcing myself to hit the books, I’d usually just head to the library because over there, I have not much of a choice. The only fear there is to snooze lol. Yes fat people get tired easy and I’ll say it here and now, I’m not slim. Hmm I even stopped my ‘diet’ plan. Hmm what should I do next? I do need motivation and advice. I need my own fridge because the current one is like hell freezing over. Anything in there will freeze. I’m giving away my oven which means I can’t bake. Hmm but it’s okay, I’m guessing she needs it more than I do. Gosh so much to say and I have not even started on my second paragraph. I shall now.

Today Lorraine recapped the last two days of lessons. I understand it better now. But I’ll need to put them pieces together in my own understanding before having it applied to anything else. We broke into groups and sat to discuss bout intuition, scientific research, tradition and autonomy and IND. I met 4 different people from different settings. One from eye clinic, one from urology, one from rehab and the last is a case mix manager. Hmm all have different point of views. Interesting indeed.

After lunch, we had to sit in groups to discuss our 2part of our paper. It was very sudden I had to decide if I should join my friend or a new group. And because she didn’t reply me, I joined a new group. Later on my friend replied me upset that I joined another group when I should have joined hers. Haiz, hard to please humans.

Oh well what’s done is done. We had to write a proposal on a problem and what type of research we were to do. Of all, we boiled down to a relationship between hand hygiene and hospital acquired infections. It’s a common topic but there are a lot of journals out there. Lorraine and Fran were okay with it.

Since I had nothing to do, I decided to sit down at Hanis and look for more journals. Managed to find a few but I fear they might not be the ones we’d want. Would have to look through them later tonight.

Did a little shopping at daiso and walked around a bit to chill. Looking at the things I can buy with my bonus lol but I know i can’t. Because all the money will go into my studies. Yes I’m self sponsored. I’m independent lol. I don’t rely on others or depend on others to fund me.

Oh well, I don’t know now if I should go to aust. Mixed feelings… Maybe go there for two years then return back here. I don’t know. What do you think Widya?

Day 2 in school

Had to take mc because I could not absorb all the information. I had a bad headache and could not sleep damn I hate those days.

Rested at home and did the videos which were somewhat due tomorrow. Had to pass it to Dawn. Stressed, she was very apologetic thou, God bless her.

Time flew quickly. Especially when you are enjoying, to be honest, i didn’t give myself any time to revise yesterday’s work. So I’m still lost over the 1st lecture.

Dinner was at ps foodcourt with sherry and her friend. Ayam pangang yum!

Walked over and just nice 6pm. Gosh time really flies.

Today we learnt about research studies . Quantitative vs qualitative. Numbers and statistics vs how people feel when they experience this n that.

I’m glad I understood today’s lecture. So much so that I feel Lorraine maybe just reading off the slides. I guess no one is perfect right? She would definitely be a great researcher but perhaps her lecturing skills may have taken a step back. The best one can do more or less in this field, is to share her experiences. Which she did and that helped me understand better.

Good haha

Oh btw, I’m back to my normal diet boo hoo. And good news! My interval timer came!! Yeah!!!

Day 1 of school.

I tried to heed a brother’s advice, sleep for a short while, shower and then go for class. That was his advice to be fresh and awake for class. If not I’ll be really sleepy by the time class starts.

Well I slept for about an hour. But was a little too late to shower. And headed to dhoby ghaut.

Had noodles with char Siew and wantons (yup, I got hungry) gosh the no carbo diet! My only way back on track is to exercise! Haiz.

Back to school, I reached bout 10 mins before class and waited. Didn’t wanna be late for my first lesson right?

As I walked in, there were others who rushed in with me, looking for a good spot to sit, I found myself at the front row! As I turned around, I found many other girls who took up the seats, leaving me with just the front row left, no choice. Front row it was. Gunad was there. And for her to excel, I believe she always took the front row. I would wanna learn from her as well. I believe she can do it with juggling family and work, so can I. All I need very much to do is, discipline! Not very much the favorite word since im the kind of person who gets distracted easily.

So help me God!

I managed to stay awake till bout 830pm. After that, I slowly started to zonk off. Thank you Z monster. Thank goodness for recorders. I’ll admit once again, I’m a slow learner. I’m more of a hands on person. But when it comes to theory, I’ll need to listen to it upteen times before I can get a grasp to it. It’s gonna be more work yes? But that has to be the way. For now that is.

Hope all will be well in Jesus name.

Blessed days ahead for anyone who reads my blog 🙂

The beginning of a new chapter.

Ah, time really flies. Today will be orientation day. 6-10pm. I wonder what will we do. Or would it be very much admin stuff. Hmm I assume it’s rather human to ponder over such things.

Mum was even more worried than I. Did u pack this, don’t forget that. Hmm so treating me like a kid. It’s really hard
to say mum I’ve grown up already because in her eyes, I’m still her child and I know she cares about me.

I’ll do well mum… You’ll see..

Be blessed

Just an update.

Class was good. Just talking away. Met 2 of my lecturers today. Fran and Dugan. Hmm very friendly. But wait let me share what the hell happened before that.

I went to fill up ad sign my papers. The guy gave me the forms to sign, asked me to sit one corner to sign. Sad thing was other girls who approached his counter could sign right in front of him. I understand if the queue was long but it was the same when I was in line too. Sad.

When I signed and went back to the guy, he ignored me as asked for the next person. I was like shocked! Then I looked at the lady beside him and she directed me to join the queue. I was so upset I went you got to be kiddin me!

And then I joined the queue again. Don’t have a choice now do I? Finally got to my turn I had to pay then he said I don’t think your card can deduct 3k plus. I was like huh?! Okokok silly me for not being prepared and being silly too. But this is too much. So this is what happened. Deducted 2k from my nets and then I had to walk to the nearest ATM to try and withdraw the remaining 1k ish. Which i did. Came back to join the line again. Gosh! Luckily it’s not a long line. Next surprise, the lady said I’m short of 210. I’m like what?!! Isn’t it 3k ish she like no thats without GsT.

I gave up….

Had to go back to withdraw another 200 just to make sure I don’t get cheated to go back and with draw more. Haiz…. By the time I joined the class, it was already 7pm. Imagine. One bloody hour just to pay fucking school fees.