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The food attack!

Oh my, what a day it was yesterday. I started the great morning with a climb to our country’s very own Bukit Timah hill. The tallest hill in SG. Only 160m above ground. Thanks to J for encouraging me and accompanying me. I took bout 20 mins to reach the peak.

There were 2 routes to reach the top, climb the staircase or walk to slope. I chose the slope since it’s my first time, and also I’m not a big fan of the stairs. Perhaps that’s where my friend vomitted I dunno. It didn’t feel so hard after the initial 50-100 steps because the beginning was already a big steep slope。 Naturally we all would think that more steep slopes would be along the way, but I assure you, that is the only one you will face up there.

I rewarded myself with a small meal at Marche, cesear salad and a rosti with coarse German sausage. Yum…

Conquering the hill?

It was nothing at first, the challenge to climb our country’s little hill, the Bukit Timah Hill, I’m not much of a climber I’ll admit that. In fact, stair climbing is most definitely not my favorite past time. But J told me otherwise. She said it’s nice. Okay.. A challenge to myself indeed. To climb this hill and hopefully more of other hills/ mountains in time to come.

Hope I’ll do fine.

The sight was breath taking indeed. The first 50-100 steps will most definitely take your breath away. Steep it was! As I walked up slowly, I could feel my thighs waking up from their slumber, cursing and swearing at me for taking another step forward, my lungs open up more, as I take deeper slow long breaths, no doubt the beginning was very much the hardest. And after that steep slope, the rest was pretty much just a stroll in the park.

There I met people of all ages. From the young kids to elderly just coming for a morning stroll. Quite a number of them had walking sticks. Interesting indeed.

My mind brings me to the time some of my friends told me about a friend of mine who almost threw up climbing up this hill. I was wondering where did it occur. As my slow steps bring me to higher and greater heights, my friend J, kept me company through out, smiling and talking to me, keeping my mind away from the height of the hill. Thanks to her, I managed to climb to the top.

It took me just after 20mins to reach the peak. Where the rock stood with white paint stating the to be the summit and how high it was. 160 meters above the ground. No offense but I didn’t really feel anything. Yes I felt a great sense of accomplishment. But not much aching or pain. Perhaps the morrow would I then find out how much I have been torturing my own carcass.

It’s been a week since I last had rice or noodles. Yes I’ll admit, I had consumed stuff like curry puffs and lup cheong but that was it, not in large amounts. And it was just that once. Not forgetting the cup of sugarcane and the Siew yoke I had for lunch. Other than that, it was just meats and vegetables and biscuits with peanut butter. Hmm

Since it was a week, I decided to reward myself with some marche. Rosti and German course sausage along with a cesear salad. Nice and very filling. Strange coz my tummy felt full quickly。

Moving back to my original goal, having to lose 5kg in 2 months. Honestly, I feel my tummy going down a little. I should not feel overjoyed if not, I’d feel happy and go back into my over indulgent eating habits, of which I really don’t want to anymore.

Hope to climb more hills and perhaps mountain kk when time is ripe.

Blessed Sunday


Yes I want to rant on and on bout shit that happened and what did not happen, no doubt it’s all but a game, I remain true to my friends.

I bring up this game, Left for dead 2. I’m sure many would know this game. It is a 1st person shooting game where 4 survivors fight their way against hordes of zombies who just can’t wait to taste your flesh. But most zombies are slow and pretty much dumb. So they added some ‘specials’ namely the hunter, spitter, charger, jockey and smoker. The more powerful ones are the witch and Tank.

And because I play regularly with my 2 buddies, I was really looking forward to kicking some zombie ass. But sadly it never came to pass. Allow me to explain.

As usual we met up and went eagerly to our local LAN shop. But our usual numbers 28-30 was taken by someone else. So no choice but to take the opposite side. Of all the 3 CPUs, mine had to fail. Wasting precious time because all I wanted to do was to kill some zombie. After attempting 3 times, I gave up and requested to change CPUs. That already pissed me off. So now I had to sit with my back facing 2 of them which was fine with me because as mentioned above, all I wanted was to let free some bullets and chop off some zombie meat.

But no… It just went downhill from there on.

Something we used to talk about so much but yet I never saw it being practiced, teamwork. It didnt happen and I was upset over it. We don’t move together we fun wait for one another, how can we reach our destination? We might as well just shoot each other in the leg, and watch your friend die slowly. To be honest I felt very much left out. Left behind and sadly dying on my own so much that I got upset. Now what the hell happened to teamwork. It was as if this word got stuffed back into someone’s ass so badly that no one recognized it.

As I mentioned Down hill since then. To end it all, I went to recover one of my friends only to see him turn his back on me and run toward his friend as I lay on the floor with smoker’s tongue around my neck and him beating the life out of me like some dusty pillow just taken out of a storeroom after 10 years. Sadly, I died of cause. (in the game that is).

I may sound petty, but I’d never let my friend die like that. I’d go back and save them but sadly it didn’t go both ways. I felt as if they were just playing with themselves. My 2 friends. I guess I won’t be joining them in the next round.

Sigh. Teamwork…