Day 22

Yes. I still carry on despite 2 weeks of holiday and slipping up.  And yes the goal still stands, 70kg at the end of 6 months. 

This morning a short, simple walk for 30mins. Gonna stay away from fried foods, gassy drinks and processed food as much as possible.  

Ps: I believe I’m back to 95kg again… I guess my issue is to be consistent.  I just can’t for some reason. 

Tips anyone?

Would definitely appreciate prayers as well. 

God bless!


Day 6

Cheat day haha. Something I was looking forward to. Had some fried food for lunch.  I figured my body needed some rest and therefore didn’t go for my morning exercise.  Instead, I rested a bit more. 

Good news is that my wife said I look slimmer! What an awesome comment coming from the love of my life! 

Even better news! I started this challenge with 95kg. Today I weighed myself and it was *drumroll*


Yes I lost 3kg within these 5 days of staying away from fried food and daily morning exercises (not even running. It’s was just light jogging and brisk walking)

I’m excited to see what lies ahead! 

Aren’t you?

So here’s the challenge…

I had a serious discussion with my wife to list down the details of the challenge. Here are some of them :

1) this will be over a period of 6 months:          ( 25th sept 2017- 25th march 2018)

2) 2 pacs ( wife suggested) (sweating..)

3) wife goal is 50kg, mine is 70kg (wife commanded) *peng san*

4) no supper at all. 

5) Sunday will be our cheat day. 

6) No sweet or gassy drinks

7) fried food to a total minimum or none at all

8) more vegs like definitely more like half to 3/4

If I hit my goal of 70kg, my wife will arrange a photo shoot for me 

If my wife hits her goal of 50kg, she will stop drinking coffee (it’s a big thing coz my wife loves coffee.) 

She will also get a photo shoot from me hehe (warming up my hasselblad 500cm) 

Would definitely appreciate your kind support and prayers!

God bless!

Inspired to start a new goalĀ 

Recently, I came across a video that somehow became viral over the internet.  It was a video of a man who lost 22kg in 23 weeks. That’s about 6 months and about 1kg a week. My wife showed it to me and told me it would be wonderful if I tried this as well. A 6 month weight loss and better health regime. 

As many of you might know, I’ve been up and down with my weight.  Many of you have noticed my weight loss and gain recently. Now would be a great time to lose it and finally keep it off wouldn’t you agree? 

What do you all think?