Day 7

The new day creeps out from rock bottom and leaps of faith carry it to the highest sky. As the sun scorches high above not giving any shit to anyone who stands below, I feel the
after effects of the red or is it orange ball of fire.

My pupils react to light.

My alarms went off but yet I failed to be an obedient child choosing my pillow over hitting the showers. The day begins.

My duty today was to capture poses of beautiful 10. 5 from each gender. It was freaking hot, thank you sunny boy for not making it any better. But thank God that it didn’t rain.

I did what I could and yes I have the pics that I like to capture. Indeed I was left with a pair of red arms.

Yes I didn’t study today shit me

Backdated day 6

Starting the day by waking up late. Along the way in a cab I saw 3 motorcycles laying on the road. I wonder if these casualties might end up where I think they might be. Hmm. The morning shift was a blessing. It because busier only toward the end of the shift.

Took a cab with mummy Candy to go east coast to join the for the ward BBQ. We ended up in carpark 3 and we were supposed to go carpark 1. So we walked backwards. Took bout 10mins before we saw our friends. Busy day it was, families having fun under the sun, youngsters having fun, gosh I feel old already.

I have to admit, preparing and running the show is not easy. My great thanks and hats off to Shila for pulling it all together. Without her, I’d be a lost mouse in a huge house. Blessings to her and her fiancĂ©. Who helped to cook almost all the food.

I got Afif to buy the game taboo. It was questionable at first but once we got them in, they were hooked. First team to reach 35 points wins $50 for the team courtesy of my own wallet. Runner up gets half the amount.

Oh my how fierce they were in guessing. Indeed.

I’m glad 4 of my managers made effort to be there. They must know how hard it is to pool people and come to give their support. Hmmm blessings to them for being understanding.

We ate into the night and even had another round at taboo. Tasteful food, great company and good food, what more can one ask for?

All I know is I am 200 plus poorer. 50 winning team, 25 runner up, 34 night cab and plus my morning cab. Not forgetting the game 50.

A good day thou.

Backdated day 5

Having to work after a sleeping day is not something you’d wanna try. When the body has not rested enough, you tend to feel a bit funny. I’m not complaining, I’m just sharing.

I am however grateful for the help I received at work and also the help I gave out to help my other staff is a joy to me also. Blessed is the one who lends a hand willingly and not ask for it in return but is appreciative when receives such aid. I am thankful for 1 patient and indeed it is 1-1 care and I do not want to miss out anything. I made sure I did all that was needed of me before I left for home.

On my way home, I met my old manager. Happy to catch up with her and we speak openly. She agrees that we should keep moving forward and not remain stagnant for too long.

She also pointed out that I would stop whatever I’m doing to help my patient but because of that, I lose my prioritizing in how things should be done. A good and yet a bad thing as well.

I cannot wait for 2 years to end.

Backdated day 4

There are times where one does not call for. Such days fall on yesterday. Sleeping day it was not really as my father had fallen and suffered a gash under his chin. Bled it did. I had to accompany him to the emergency department. Much rest i did not. Not to mention my books touched. My goals deem to be further than I seek it to be. Discipline I must have, persevere I must indeed.

I have been called to serve my country once more this Jan. Hmm, I await yet another time of waiting for nothing to occur. Time will slow down but the sun refuse to stand down but that over rules the need for water droplets to drop upon my forehead..

School has accepted my application. I have just received word from Jeremy. I begin in July 20th. First day is orientation. I anxiously await this day to pass. Is has been a while since I last studied, and most definitely require a good buddy to push me as well. For this I await as well.

Apologies God for not following you closely. I shun cell because of the girl I choose not to set my eyes upon. Forgive me I pray Father.

Day 3

Ah the day yet passes once more and here I am. The night shift was good. No patient to care for mean I can spend more time in helping my other friends with their patients.

Sadly my eyes did not open until 6pm. A good 5-6 hours of rest.

And because of that, I did not open my book today.

I am glad my friend and his wife have been promoted. They truly deserve it because of their hardwork and contribution to the work force.

Of coz I feel the slightest bitterness.but this serves as a spur to push myself to greater heights. If he can, so can I. Indeed.

Day 2

The hours pass swiftly as if time never cared about anyone. It really does not. It’s day 2 and my old habits take the best of me. I’ll admit, I’m a YouTube fan. The fact that people from all walks of life are free to post their videos be it songs or crap that makes me laugh. So I’ll lie on my bed and watch videos and if I like them, id watch over and over. No I don’t get bored of them because to me they are good videos. David choi, film riot, freddiew and glee to name a few. Glee has done a great job with all that singing and dancing. No joke about it. So hours will pass as I click the clock away.

I watched Spartacus just 2 days ago and I loved it. The way they speak, the way they fight. Tells me one thing. Even the strongest man will fall when it comes to love. So Love conquers all. No doubt about that.

I’ll admit here right now, I’m not a book lover, I’m a visualist. I prefer pictures over words hands down. Thats why I love photography. The way my eyes see it, is how I tell my story. So to pick up a book to read is never an easy task for me. But I’m trying, I really am. Forcing myself to go to the library because at home, I’ll sleep and laze infront of my lap top.

A need to improve myself and step up is there. I just need the discipline to reach my goal.

I pray it falls into place.

As I type in the bus, I’m making my way to the library.

Blessed day who ever lays eyes on my blog